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Contact between the customer and ALVOAGRO

At this point, the parties define the operation, breed of animals to be shipped, weight, quantity, estimated date of shipment and other details regarding the operation.

Selection and purchase of animals

According to the importer's requirement, animals are selected and purchased by Alvoagro buyers and, if permitted by the protocol, some examinations are carried out before they are sent to pre-shipment establishments (EPE).


The entire selection, purchase and logistics process for these animals is meticulously taken care of by Alvoagro, always prioritizing animal welfare from the original farms to the EPE.

Pre-shipment establishments (EPE)

Upon arrival at the EPE, the animals receive special attention, mainly in terms of water supply in abundance and food, and, in the recovery period that varies according to their stay in the EPE, they receive electronic individual identification for traceability, in addition to treatment against endo and ecto relevant parasites and vaccines.


After opening the quarantine, following all the requirements of the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), the animals remain isolated during the minimum period required by each protocol and through the results of examinations, tests and careful selection, both from specialized employees Alvoagro and the importing customer.


During the quarantine process, the animals receive food to adapt to the conditions of the trip.


All documentation required for opening quarantine, carrying out a protocol and dossier of documents related to the export itself are prepared by the Alvoagro team, which is specialized for this and other functions throughout the process.

Closure of quarantine and logistics to the port and / or airport

The quarantine termination term is carried out by MAPA or the agency designated by it. After the issuance of this term, the animals are ready for boarding.


The transport of animals to the port or airport is carried out by specialized companies that are aware of animal welfare practices, strictly following the quantity of animals per truck and always working with vehicles in excellent condition, in addition to making drivers aware of the transport of live cargo.


Upon arrival at the port or airport, an Alvoagro team will be available throughout the operation to receive the cargo and documentation until all animals are loaded.


Alvoagro usually works with FOB sales, even so, the ships are inspected and a prior inspection is carried out by the Navy and the Ministry of Agriculture, providing a favorable opinion or not for the animals' travel.


The shipping documentation is generated and sent to the final importing country.


“The quality and comfort of the animals during the trip and at the final destination is always a priority for our company. We have always had excellent results! Healthy animals and satisfied customers. This is what tells us that we have done an excellent job! ”


Fabiana Miranda Guandalini


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